Regtech Platform Launches For ICOs: 'We Are On A Mission To Build A Better Capital Market'

Initial coin offerings are hotter than ever. But with more than 300 ICOs filed so far this year, and more than 1,500 in 2017, it can be difficult for investors to tell the good ones from the bad ones.
A number of platforms and regulatory experts are trying to assist inventors in fleshing out strong crypto opportunities. One such platform is iComplyICO, a regulatory technology service that “automates compliance procedures for the issuance, purchase and resale of tokens, coins and digitized assets, which have gained popularity with initial coin offerings.”
The startup's platform serves both investors and issuers in ICOs, according to its website.
Industry-leading attorneys have called iComplyICO's recently launched compliance protocol "groundbreaking," iComplyICO CEO Matthew Unger told Benzinga.

'Build A Better Capital Market'

The Prefacto Compliance Protocol verifies compliance on secondary trades over blockchain and is available for the Ethereum blockchain, according to iComplyICO. 
"We are on a mission to build a better capital market. We know that there are massive inefficiencies in the capital markets from pre-trade processing to post-trade processing to how we manage identity and know-your-customer [processes],” Unger said.
“The capital markets today are paper-based processes that have been implemented digitally. With blockchain, we have the ability to restructure capital markets so that there is more integrity through immutable compliance documentation.”